Thursday, October 6, 2011

SceneAroundTown.... "Teach Your Children Well" Narrated by Lily Tomlin Premieres in Kat Kramer's "Films That Change The World" Series.... HH(:

Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin....  photo by HarrisonHeldStarMedia by permission only
The acclaimed anti-bullying documentary "Teach Your Children Well" narrated by legendary actress Lily Tomlin  will premiere Sunday, October 16th as the 4th installment in actress/producer Kat Kramer's successful "Films That Change The World" series at the Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood.  One of the reasons  Ms. Tomlin became involved with the film directed by Gary Takeshian is because she recalls the pain and suffering her own brother endured when he was bullied growing up.  Please visit to learn more about this important documentary  ....HH(:

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