Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... WGA's 2013 Primetime Sublime Emmy Nominees VIP Reception & Panel

We had a great time last nite at the WGA's 2013 Sublime Primetime VIP reception & panel for Emmy Nominees....  I brought my friends 50's siren/actress Kathleen Hughes & her husband veteran producer Stanley Rubin winner of the very first Emmy in history.  What an honor....  It was fun mingling with many of the happy nominees for this year's Emmy's and the food and drinks catered by the Arclight was fantastic.

Harrison Held, Stanley Rubin, winner of the first Emmy in history & his wife actress Kathleen Hughes attend reception for 2013 Sublime Primetime at the Arclight...  Photo by Michael Jones/WGA 

2013 Primetime Sublime Emmy Nominees (from left) Richard LaGravenese, Erica Oyama, the WGAW Vice President Howard A. Rodman, Lizzie Molyneux, moderator Larry Wilmore, Wendy Molyneux, Kevin Bleyer, George Mastras & Greg Daniels....  Photo by Billy Bennight
Following the reception was a very interesting panel well hosted by actor/comic turned writer/producer Larry Wilmore featuring a diverse group of talented Emmy nominees.  Kevin Bleyer nominated for The Daily Show spoke of the jocular banter of writing off the headlines & if the jokes didn't work in the run throughs they would tweak or scrap the first half hour & write a new show an hour before broadcast.  Richard LaGravenese nominated for Beyond the Candelabra shared  of creating an honest story that showed the growth of the relationship that led to love between the two central characters played by Michael Douglas & Matt Damon. Writer Wendy Molyneux nominated with Lizzie Molyneux for Bob's Burgers, "O.T.: The Outside Toilet" spoke of her recurring dream of a toilet in the middle of a room of a party where she eventually has to go #1  & #2 to her embarrassment.  Breaking Bad, "Dead Freight" nominee George Mastras shared about the issues of timing when it came to the deepening moral dilemma of the lead character portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston. Character & story conscious A&E executives weren't concerned about the death of one of the supporting characters but rather it's timing to the arch of the story.  Thanks to the WGA & Gregg Mitchell for the hospitality...  it was a great evening & good luck to all of this year's nominees!  HH with additional reporting by Billy Bennight.

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