Friday, October 18, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Kerry Berry Brogan: East Meets West Beautifully

  Kerry Berry Brogan.... photo: Sina com

Kerry Berry Brogan, the gorgeous Mandarin-speaking American actress, raised eyebrows this week as she hit the red carpet alongside top Hollywood and Chinese stars at the 2013 Huading Awards in Macao, China. Better known amongst Chinese audiences than American, Ms. Brogan has appeared in a wide variety of dramatic, comedic, starring and supporting roles in over 60 Chinese films and television series.  She is China's most coveted Western actress for Chinese language movies.  Established in 2007 by Bejing based Global Talents Media Group, the Huading Awards is a vote based show to celebrate top talent in entertainment.  This year the organizer's of the show focused on bringing together the East with the West and attracted many A-list Hollywood celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Quentin Tarantino, Jeremy Irons, Avril Lavigne and Sam Worthington.  A-listers from Asia included Jackie Chan, Jessica Jung, Nick Cheung and Fala Chen.   According to founder Mr. Wangkun, Kerry Berry Brogan was the only China-based Western celebrity in attendance.  "There was a lot about tonight that was unexpected," reflected Ms. Brogan. "The Chinese film industry is so explosive in  so many ways.  I'm from the States but I've been here for so many years just doing my thing. It's always felt like two divided worlds but to me tonight they started to come together.  I just got to sit back and observe, and I think I was one of only a few who got to enjoy the jokes from both sides, which was just funny in  itself!"
The actress, who showed up in jet black hair for her new role is currently filming a dark comedy in which she plays the daughter of an Italian, New York based godfather like figure who plots her revenge after getting shamed off a voice talent competition.  This explains why the brunette beauty showed up for the awards with long, jet black locks!  Offscreen Kerry Berry Brogan is the China Film Ambassador for Film Auckland and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Flying Tiger Historical Organization and has been praised for her work in promoting better Sino-American cultural understanding.  She is also the youngest recipient of the Goddess Artemis Award.  HH  

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