Monday, January 16, 2012

SceneAroundTown..... Golden Globe Fever.... Prettydead Ferrari Pushes The Pedal to the Metal... HH(:

Harrison Held & Golden Globe Winner Stanley Rubin during a break of the telecast. Bunny ears courtesy of Bill Lithgow...  Photo by Diana Herbert Markes Levitt
50s Screen Siren Kathleen Hughes holds the Golden Globe her husband producer Stanley Rubin won in 1975 for his film "Babe" during a break of the telecast
The Artist's Jean Dujardin & Missy Pyle....  Photo courtesy J. Binn

W.E.'s director Madonna and Star Andrea Wiseborough... Photo courtesy Getty Images

The Artist's Lucky Dawg....  "Uggie"     Photo courtesy NBC4

A radiant Michelle Williams....  photo courtesy J.Binn

Golden Globe Winner Meryl Streep.... Photo Courtesy Golden Globes

Proud mom Diane Lane and daughter Laura Dern...  Photo Courtesy Getty Images

Golden Globe Winners Jessica Lange, Peter Dinklage and Claire Danes

Ricky Gervais....  Photo courtesy  J. Binn

Bye Bye Limo...  Home in a golf cart!

A fun musical moment with Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy

Above, one of Hollywood's top Golden Couples Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy prepare for the Golden Gobes...  Photos Courtesy of Huffman/Macy
Golden Globe Winner Steven Spielberg....  Proud Mom Leah just turned 91!  Photo courtesy Golden Globes
For a complete list of winners please visit

                    Prettydead Ferrari is a talented band on the go! They spent Golden Globe weekend in the studio working on their self titled EP which will be released on iTunes next month along with the music video to their first single "Best of Intentions" available on iTunes now!  Follow them on twitter at @theferrarigang and on facebook at  -  Prettydead Ferrai is going for the Gold -   HH(:     

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