Sunday, June 2, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... "Putzel" Premieres Opening Nite of The 8th Annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival.... WGA

Melanie Lynskey & Jack Carpenter star in "Putzel"

Fran Kranz & Jack Carpenter star in "Putzel"

The 8th Annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival got off to a roaring start Saturday night with the premiere of the crowd pleasing independent movie "Putzel" starring Jack Carpenter, Melanie Lynskey, John Pankow, Susie Essman, Fran Kranz, Allegra Cohen, Steve Park, Fred Berman & Adrian Martinez.  The stylish character driven edgy romantic comedy, well directed by Jason Chaet, tells the story of  likable loser Walter Himmelstein aka "Putzel" who dreams of running the family fish store known as Himmelstein's on Manhattan's upper west side.  The store is run by his older over bearing  married cousin Sid (John Pankow) who he grew up with after being orphaned as a baby after his parents' death.  One day a pretty dancer with a yen for kosher fish platters named Sally (Melanie Lynskey)  ventures into Himmelstein's & Sid is smitten.  Sid's plans to retire and move away with his wife Gilda (Susie Essman) are thrown out the window & Putzel's life is thrown upside down.  The original quirky romantic comedy script penned by Rick Moore was shot over 18 days on a $200,000 budget but looks like it cost millions more.  Resourceful  producer Allegra Cohen (Putzel's estranged wife Willa) was able to secure an authentic Manhattan deli for Himmelstein's when they closed the store for 10 days to observe Passover.  The film features terrific performances throughout by it's talented cast members & Jack Carpenter who carries the film is a standout as Putzel.  For more information about the festival visit   "Shalom"

Glee's Josh Sussman joins Putzel's Jack Carpenter & his wife Michelle

Director Jason Chaet (center) is joined Deverill Weekes & Juliet Landau whose film "Mr. Gutman's Eulogy" screens Tuesday nite at Sinai Temple 

Ron Gilbert, Deverill Weekes, Juliet Landau, Robert Uher & Harry Demas

Guest M.C. Larry Miller & the film's Allegra Cohen

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