Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... "Seasoned Readings" @ the WGAW

A great evening of fantasy comedy pilot readings @ the WGAW featuring the great talents of Jason Alexander, Ed Asner, Jeremy Guskin, Alice Lunsford, Kristen Miller, Whitney Nielsen, Melinda Peterson, Phil Proctor, Charles Shaughnessy & Zondra Wilson.  Seasoned Readings is performed annually & is presented by the WGAW Career Longevity Committee.  This year's program was directed by comedy pro Peter Bonerz & produced by Steven Paul Leiva, vice chairman of the committee.  Kudos's to the gifted

"Seasoned Readings" at the WGAW

cast across the board who did such a fantastic job reading the pilots written by the talented WGAW members.   The evening featured the comedy works of Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn & John Cleese's "Whetfish", Doug Molitor's "Black & Wyatt" & David Misch's "Doug & Cindy".  "Whetfish" focuses on a zany law firm headed by Jason Alexander who was excellent in the lead. Sidney Whetfish & most of the lawyers at his firm "in league with an estimated 73% of lawyers nationwide" have sold their souls to the devil....   hmmmm....  only 73%...?  Lots of colorful characters & laughs abound with Alice Lumsford terrific as a very very ditzy secretary.  "Black & Wyatt" centers on the comedy shenanigans of old school private eye  Robert Black & inept newcomer Wyatt Lindsay played wonderfully by legendary actor Ed Asner & Jeremy Guskin.  A very enjoyable piece.  "Doug & Cindy" is a funny flashback to the times of Doug & Cindy Charming 20 years after "happily ever after" & moving out of King Lance's castle.  Kristin Miller & Charles Shaughnessy shined as the leads with Whitney Neilson showing lots of spunk and sass as rebellious daughter Mindy.  Kudos to all the excellent cast members who brought the scripts to life, many playing multiple roles.

"Seasoned Readings" at the WGAW

Seasoned Readings is presented by the WGAW's Career Longevity Program to promote & celebrate the work of older members.  It was a pleasure to watch such great performers bring the material to life.  Writers took center stage  introducing their pilots before each  presentation giving insight into the creation & history of each piece. HH

Jeremy Guskin, Doug Molitor & Ed Asner

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