Saturday, February 22, 2014

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Bright Blue Gorilla's "Go With Le Flo".... The Hollywood Museum Unveils New Awards Season Exhibit

Great fun opening nite at the beautiful Hollywood Museum for their terrific"Celebration of Entertainment Awards" Special Exhibit Event...  Harrison Held, Kate Linder, Carolyn Hennesy & Dianne Reidy... Photo Coutesy Dianne Reidy

A great premiere of a delightful new German/French romantic comedy  from Bright Blue Gorilla called "Go With Le Flo".  The film has English sub titles & will be playing soon at the Downtown Independent on Main Street so don't miss it - it was really great!  "Go With Le Flo" is the passion project brainchild of Bright Blue Gorilla's Michael Glover who directs & wife Robyn Rosenkrantz who produces.  The film was shot entirely on location in Berlin & features some of Germany's best talent.   The premiere was held at The Goethe Institut  & hosted by Stefan Beiderman of the German Consulate. Visit for more info....  HH

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