Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 123rd Birthday Charlie Chaplin... We Still LoVe Ya & You're Still Making The World Laugh... Thank You! HH(:

A Tribute to the Life & Art of Charlie Chaplin featuring Kiera Chaplin and hosted by Harrison Held
SeVen years ago I interViewed beautiful actress/model/director Kiera Chaplin (Charlie's granddaughter) about the Chaplin legacy & family...  It was a special show to debut on Charlie's 116th birthday on Time Warner Cable  and coincidentally we shot  it in studio 161 & my birthday is 116 so there were a lot of good signs... I met Kiera when I was a guest with Kat Kramer at the party following the premiere of "The Aviator".  Kat's God Mother Katherine Hepburn was portrayed in the film by Cate Blanchette, hence the connection...  When I first saw Kiera across the room I thought she was Claudia Schiffer but then I was told she was Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter.  "I'm a huge fan of your Grandfather" I said.  She looked at me & smiled & said "But I'm his biggest fan".   The rest is history.  Our Chaplin tribute  show became very popular & was put into high rotation on Time Warner - I  added it to my Hollywood Icons Talk Show series online at HarrrisonHeldStarMedia where it was seen and eVen more popular for years.   I recently discontinued that site but will eventually make another online archiVe for all my Hollywood Icon Talk Shows & more. Thank you dear Viewers & Fans for all your positiVe feedback & good wishes - HaVe A Great Day & keep smiling & laughing as much as you can whateVer your circumstance - I'm sure the great Charles Chaplin - that's what he preferred to be called according to Kiera -  would loVe it....  Take care of Business but always remember Peace, Love, Happiness, Health & Laughter.... Happy Birthday Charles Chaplin!  HH(:

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