Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunshine MagaZine Exclusive: Carrie Certa's "Deadline Knows".... HH(:

Patti Negri & Wenzel Jones star in "Deadline Knows"

Last month I spotted the cool photo above  of my  pal Patti Negri on Facebook. I know Patti  from her good work with the Hollywood Arts Council.   I love noir films & I loved the look of the photo so I asked her what the backstory on the photo was.  "It's called "Deadline Knows" she shared...."but I'm not allowed to talk about it yet.... ".  She added
"Carrie Certa the director can tell you what the project is all about".  Patti got Carrie in touch with me & I learned that "Deadline Knows" was made specifically for Deadline Hollywood's  Nikki Finke as a tribute by Carrie Certa & company.  Carrie Certa is a talented and hardworking filmmaker.  Nikki Finke as most people know is the lady who knows just about everything that's happening in Hollywood, often  before Hollywood knows it and Carrie Certa is a HUGE fan.  "Deadline Knows" is a charming very well made film short shot noir style and I really liked it... it has  great productions values and humor.  I hope Nikki Fink enjoys it and shares it with her huge audience which would help those involved with the film....    The  entertaining short was sent to Ms. Fink today.  Break a leg everyone.  For more info visit  HH(:

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