Thursday, June 14, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown..... Industry Greats Have A Great "Lunch".... HH(:

Patti Simmons with Arthur & Gwen Hiller at the reception following the screening of Donna Kanter's documentary "Lunch"

Arthur Hiller speaks with Jennifer Clymer

Katie Simmons, Gwen Hiller & Patti Simmons

Comedy Writers John Rappaport, Ben Starr & Cast do a hilarious post screening Q&A 

Rocky Kalish, Matty Simmons & Monty Hall

Matty Simmons, Monty Hall & Arthur Hiller

The WGAW Career Longetivity Committee recently presented a screening of the very funny new documentary "Lunch"  featuring industry veterans Monty Hall, Arthur Hiller, Sid Ceasar, Austin "Rocky" Kalish, Hal Kanter, Arthur Marx, Gary Owens, John Rappaport, Carl Reiner, Matty Simmons and Ben Starr.  I loved the well made film by Donna Kanter which centers on a group of older writers and directors who've been meeting for lunch every other Wednesday for 40 years.  Lunch guests, participants and restaurant locations have changed over the years but as the program notes say "Their appetites for the ties that nourish their friendships remain".  And the jokes & humor!  The mission of the Career Longevity Committee is to assist writers of all ages in planning for long and successful careers by giving them the tools and knowledge to adapt to changes in the marketplace.  Kudos to all involved...  the film is a definite must see, informative, entertaining, very funny & insightful.  Thanks to  Michael Jones for additional photos & the hospitality of the WGA...  HH(:

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