Friday, June 1, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit/George Barris Birthday Party... Hollywood Museum... Opening Nite of The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival... Kevin Stea's Hot Album Release Party Benefitting ACLU's "The Bullying Stops Here".... Kirk Douglas & Liam McIntyre Talk Spartacus at TV Academy... Theater 40's "The Long Weekend"... Malibu Equestrian Art Show Benefits Katia Louise's "Saving America's Horses".... & More.... HH(:

"Welcome to the beautiful Hollywood Museum"

Sunshine MagaZine's Harrison Held has a peaceful easy feeling at the beautiful "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit" preview party at the Hollywood Museum...  photo by Mollywood Hollywood

Legendary Photographer George Barris & his lovely daughter Caroline Barris

Legendary Photographer George Barris celebrated his 90th birthday at the special "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit" preview party at the Hollywood Museum.  Seen here with his daughter Caroline Barris

MM Publicist Julian Myers & Entertainment Reporter Harrison Held

Cousins Caroline Barris & Janine Barris

Mollywood Hollywood visits "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit" at the beautiful Hollywood Museum

Harrison Held at "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit" at the Hollywood Museum... photo by Mollywood Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe's make up chair is just one of the very cool items on display  in the beautiful new  "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit" at the Hollywood Museum.  The exhibit also includes never before seen photos of Marilyn shot by her friend legendary photographer George Barris.  The museum helped to celebrate his 90th birthday at the special preview party May 30th...  Happy Birthday George!  For more information visit -  Thanks to the Hollywood Museum for their hospitality & to  Mollywood Hollywood for the special photography!  HH(:

Kirk Douglas greets the media

Liam McIntyre & Kirk Douglas

Elly Kaye 

Spartacus Star Liam McIntyre

Star On The Go..... Kevin Stea

Kevin Stea & designer Andrea Messier Cuomo

Ripples' John J, Coco Peru, Kevin Stea & Andrea Messier Cuomo

Coco Peru

Kevin Roche, Paul Belsito, Coco Peru, James Gilliam & The Empress

Steven Roche, guest & Paul Belsito

Kevin Stea & proud Dad

Kevin Stea & back up dancers after the show

Entertainer Kevin Stea aka "That Rogue Romeo" (seen above with his father) rocked the house at the debut of his album "Machine + Magic" which benefited the ACLU's "The Bullying Stops Here".  Kevin is well known for his work with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Beyonce & Celine Dion to name a few and has the chops & moves to be a solo recording star in his own right.  The fun event produced by Steven Roche & Paul Belsito was held at Ripples in Long Beach with music supplied by DJ RPM. Great opening entertainment by Coco Peru & The Empress. Congratulations on a great debut Kevin! HH(:

Opening nite of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival was a blast at the Egyptian in Hollywood and featured the well received film "A Green Story" written & directed by Nika Agiashvili

"The Long Weekend" is a very enjoyable comedy  now playing at Beverly Hills' Theater 40 written by Norm Foster & well directed by Bruce Gray.  The talented 4 member cast consists of John Mullen, Kathryn Larsen, Lizzie Peet and Shawn Savage,  all very strong stage performers.  Two mismatched couples get together over a long weekend at a country getaway...  lots of laughs, lots of passion & lots of surprises....   Visit for more info & get your funny on...  HH(:       

Brendan Friedrich & "Saving America's Horses" helmer Katia Louise

The Malibu Equestrian Art Show was a benefit for the the must see well made documentary "Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed" directed by Sunshine MagaZine pal Katia Louise.  Nothing could be nicer than to visit the beautiful Sycamore Farms on a beautiful day on Cross Creek in Malibu...  We enjoyed good music,  food, drinks & beautiful equestrian artwork by Charlie Patton, Dayna Holiga, Jeremy Harper & Jennifer Verge all for a very good cause.  The delicious food was catered by Charlie Patton's son Christopher Patton with good music and fine singing by the Patton sisters...  very cool & what a talented family!  For more information on the film visit - I highly recommend this film...  HH(:        .                         .   

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