Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown...

Looking forward to Melissa Kite & Tyler Ritter starring  in " The Dream of the Burning Boy" premiering tomorrow nite at the Malibu Playhouse

Cole Smith (center) & her pals from APAC Pictures

"Love is everywhere and Samuel Jackson can actually SEE it"

Last nite I attended the premiere of  the multi talented Cole Smith's stylish short film "Aura" at El Cid on Sunset Boulevard.   "Aura" is a very impressive well made film about a mysterious young man named Samuel Jackson (Ben Wells) with a unique hat collection who reads people's auras & tries to help his friends find partners who are the right match.  The short is an APAC Films production - a group of young, ambitious & talented performers & writers who are forging forward with their unique productions in music, concerts & filmed entertainment.  Kudos to Ms. Smith on this terrific short that she wrote & directed. The cast is first rate too.  HH

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