Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Tribute To A Dear Friend.... Marvin Paige... RIP

Marvin Paige RIP

Marvin Paige RIP

Marvin Paige, Harrison Held, Kat Kramer & Jane Fonda

Marvin Paige & his friend Stefanie Powers

Robert Uher, Marvin Paige, Stella Stevens & Ed Begley Jr.

Marvin Paige & George Chakiris
Here is a nostalgic video made by Andre Champagne from the 2009 Backlot Film Festival honoring Mickey Rooney that I worked on...  Starting at about 1:42 Marvin is on hand "minding the store" - He was definitely one of the top celebrity handlers in the world & will be missed....  RIP Marvin Paige 

Marvin Paige, Harrison Held & Ruta Lee

Marvin Paige, Jeff Mantle & friends

Celebrating Carla Laemmle's 100th Birthday at The Egyptian...  Robert Uher, Marvin Paige, Carla Laemmle & Harrison Held...Photo by Bee Beyer/The Hollywood Times
photo by Robert Amico

I'll be adding more to this tribute over the next few weeks....  A memorial & celebration of life for Marvin will be held on his birthday, January 26, 2014 from 2-4pm at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  Please spread the word.  Also I hear there is a collection to buy a chair in Marvin's memory at the theater.  What a great idea...   Marvin had a special chair he liked to sit in surrounded by his friends at events there. Thank you Marvin for all you did for the Hollywood arts & entertainment community....  You will be missed.   HH

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