Sunday, November 10, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Premiere of Beautiful "Wind Song"... Silent Movie Theater

Wind Song's Christine Rapsys, executive producer Dominic Meo III & Christine Dennis

Wind Song's Christine Rapsys & Christine Dennis

Wind Song's Christine Rapsys & Christine Dennis are joined by Jeyk Janish, Ryan Rapsys & James Houlahan

I attended the premiere tonite of a beautiful film short called  "Wind Song" at the historic Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax.  The film stars 2 lovely & talented actresses, Christine Rapsys & Christine Dennis who also co-wrote & co-directed the winning piece.  Maya (Rapsys) & Zoe (Dennis) play best friends with a very deep bond, they share everything.  Zoe dies accidentally leaving Maya to cope with her loss & follows her journey.  Both leads are terrific as well as the cast & Tiffany Connor stands out as her sincere grief counselor.  The cinematography by award winning Chris Brown is excellent as is the music by Ryan Rapsys & James Houlahan.  The film will be making the film festival circuit soon & I'm sure it will win many awards.  HH

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