Monday, September 12, 2011

SceneAroundTown.... Cheech Marin, Patssi Valdez, Louis Jacinto, J. Rythm, Robert Zapata, Gabriel Morales, Denise Vasquez, Randy Martinez, Mariano Mendoza, "The Messenger" & More... HH(:

Creative Trio: Louis Jacinto, Cheech Marin and Patssi Valdez at Thomas Paul Fine Art
Patssi Valdez and guest
NCLR Alma Awards - A Celebration of Latin Heritage After Party at La Fonda Supper Club: Mariano Mendoza and guest
Art From A Galaxy Far Away featuring artwork inspired by Star Wards by artist Randy Martinez (left) and Denise Vasquez (right) at Hold Up Art
Classic Glamour Dolls attend the NCLR ALMA Awards - A Celebration of Latin  Heritage After Party at La Fonda Supper Club
Victoria Morales and Adeel Khan
Jasmine Vega
Gabriele Morales
Carlos Moreno Jr.,  Dustin Fitzsimons and Eloy Mendez
Zeus Zamani
Sandra Canchola, Reyna Travino and Sandra Valdez
Rene Rosada and Jose DeLeon
Chioke Dmachi
J. Rythm and Robert Zapata
Art by Randy Martinez
Art by Randy Martinez
Art by Randy Martinez
Art by Randy Martinez
Denise Vasquez
A Special Performance of Melvin S. Ward's "The Messenger"....Iboni James being interviewed by Sunshine Magazine's Harrison Held for Diversity News TV - watch it at (:
Cheech Marin chats with Bob Delgadillo
Yennifer Behrens attends Corey Feldman's "Bye Bye Bin Laden" Premier at Infusion
David Dossett attends Corey Feldman's "Bye Bye Bin Laden" Premier at Infusion
Cheech Marin and Guests at Thomas Paul Fine Art
Dean Ronalds attends Corey Feldman's "Bye Bye Bin Laden" Premier at Infusion

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  1. The Patssi Valdez/Louis Jacinto with Cheech Marin presentation at Thomas Paul Fine Art, Los Angeles was one of the opening venues for US, the public to purchase actual pieces of art created by artists who are a part of the LACMA show: Asco: Elite of the Obscure. Louis Jacinto documented some wonderful events created by Patssi Valdez and her ASCO co-horts. It was a treat to see and hear them discuss the impetus of the work with Cheech, an ardent exponent of Los Angeles Chicano art. The show at LACMA continues to early December before going to the East coast. It is one of the very few Pacific Standard Time shows that was deemed important enough to travel to another venue other than here in Los Angeles. The LACMA show has had wonderful turn out of people at the four already presented free "Walk throughs" with both curators Rita Gonzalez and Ondine Chimoya separately, and also the core group ASCO members: Harry Gamboa,JR. with Willie Herron and Gronk with Patssi Valdez. The show has placed the work of these artists in its proper place at the forefront of the modern Chicano Art movement as we know it today. Virgenes de Guadalupe and Calaveras are traditional representations, the work that ASCO propelled brought new blood and a new sensibility to the culturally traditional vocabulary of Mexican Art. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase actual pieces exhibited at the museum show as well as pieces subsequently created by these two artists Patssi Valdez and Louis Jacinto at Thomas Paul Fine Art. Pacific Standard Time will come and go, the art will live way beyond the dust of time. So, leave the comfort of your "Main Street" and visit both LACMA and Thomas Paul Fine Art.
    - Kene J. Rosa, Los Angeles