Thursday, September 22, 2011

SceneAroundTown..... fffashion l.a. Fur Free Fashion Show.... Wonderland, Narp Opening Nite.... Egyptian, Closing Nite of Corey Smith, Jane Seymour, Sean M. Flynn Exhibit... Blank Space... HH(:

TV Host Amy Pattrath and Judy Tenuta arrive for "Born Free"
Harvey Guillen (ABC Family's "Huge") and Amy Pattrath check out one of photog's Charleton Churchill's pics
 Guests support "Born Free"
Emii rocks the "Born Free" red carpet
Opening nite of Arpa at The Egyptian... Bob Delgadillo, Oskar Rivera, Bahieh Akhrapour and Hans Linke 
I love this dog!
Corey Smith, Harrison Held and Sean M. Flynn at Blank Space Gallery...  I like my new haircut... photo: Susan Nagy Luks
"Bye Bye extra hair..."  I got a great haircut from Ron Randle at The Brighton Shave Co.  in Beverly Hills -  310-691-1110

One of Jane Seymour's beautiful paintings(:
Susan Nagy Luks and husband David(:
Corey's gf Alice and guest

"Hey, we're having fun!"
Closing night at the Blank Gallery....  Corey Smith and Sean M. Flynn chat with guests.  Jane Seymour was unable to be there as she is on location for ABC Family filming the new movie musical Elixir which sounds like alot of fun....  HH(:

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