Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SceneAroundTown..... Flavors of Quebec in Hollywood.... 24th Full Moon Party.... The Farrah Fawcett Foundation..... HH(:

French Canadian Chef Jean-Pierre Curtat and Sunshine Magazine's Harrison Held - watch the interview at http://www.youtube.com/ for Diversity News TV!   Photo by Steven Escobar, Diversity News TV
To start off delicious cheeses - Le Cendrillion, Bluebry and St-Honore with Canadian Maple Syrup, nuts and carmelized onions.... C'est Bon!
Chef Jean-Pierre Curtat
Quebec liqueurs Neige Apple Ice Wine, Sortilege maple infused whiskey and Trappist style double fermented beers from Unibroue
Rouelle de Foie Gras Au Sel avec une croute d'epices, Chartreuse de Crevettes Nordiques a l'asperge billes de pomme verte a la coriandre and Etage de Chevre et de Tomates de Vigne antiboise a la ciboulette, puree de pois chiches, huile de tomate et persil
Fie de Veau de lait jus emulsionne au fromage Sauvagine, croustillant de pommes de terre farci de veau, de porc braise et de champignons de bois, Ravioles de Homard emulsion de beurre de soya, fenouil confit, Magret de Canard Roti tatin d'endives a la biere, chutney a la canneberge et jus de roti

 Culinary Feasts... "Flavors of Quebec in Hollywood.... Guest Chef Jean-Pierre Curtat" ...The Grill  (above) To learn more about "Quebec in Hollywood" visit www. quebecinhollywood.com  - their events are great!  Below:  Delicious "Twenty Fourth Full Moon Dinner" hosted by Nick Colachis.... Tru$t Deco Bank Building...
 Caprese with Basil
Filet Mignon with Port Wine Reduction
Bonnie Morgan loves her delicious 100% fruit ice cream http://www.frostbiteess.com/
"Well, it's better than having a chip on your shoulder"(:
"Hello Gorgeous"
Happy Birthday Jeff Rector(:

Farrah's Friends...  Alana Stewart and Jaclyn Smith attend the pre Emmy Farrah Fawcett Foundation charity fundraiser at SoHo House....  photo courtesy of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation

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