Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hollywood's Biggest Night... The 84th Academy Awards... Exclusive Interviews & Photos from "Night of 100 Hundred Stars" .... HH(:

Buzz Aldrin
Antonio Sabato, Jr
Tamara Henry
The Man Behind The Plan...  Norby Walters
Best Selling Author Mark Bego & Legendary  Supremes Star Mary Wilson join  LAEXTV Host Harrison Held for an exclusive interview about the passing of their friend super star Whitney Houston.  One of the many exciting interviews from the star studded  red carpet of the Night of a Hundred Stars Oscar Gala....  Coming Soon And ONLY On LAEXTV!
           I had a great time interviewing the stars on the red carpet and will let you know when they are posted.  Above & below are some pictures I took between interviews...  Enjoy.....   HH(:

Katie Lohmann
Sabrina Parisi joined by Kaden Jamar (l) & Cheston Vincent
Joanna Cassidy
Jason Ritter
Sunny Thompson

Kate Linder
Dolph Lungren
Bill Zucker & Carley Corbin
Kelly Sullivan
Jake Busey & fiance
Jen Lilley

Estrella Nouri
Desiree Anderson
Stacia Gates
Camilla Lim, Savannah Ostler & Laila Sadny
Christine Devine & Sean McNabb

Steve Starr author of "Starrlight...Glamorous Latin Movie Stars of Early Hollywood" which is a really beautiful book I am enjoying....  HH(:
Carla Ortiz
Gloria Allred & Guest Ginger White
Mark Bego & Mary Wilson
Estrella Nouri
JW Najarian & Guests

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