Friday, February 17, 2012

SceneAroundTown.... Legendary Actress Lily Tomlin Honored by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters... HH(:

The Legendary Lily Tomlin honored by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters... Photo Curtis Sabir
Kat Kramer performing an excellent tribute song to Lily Tomlin... Photo: John Barsky
Dear Readers...  I went to an extraordinary event today honoring Lily Tomlin at the Sportsmen's Lounge in Studio City.  On the dais were Tomlin friends Kat Kramer, Leslie Jordan, Sally  Kellerman Jeanne DeVivier Brown, Gary Owens, George Schlatter, Bruce Villanche, Allee Willis & Jo Anne Worley. PPB President Sam Lovullo MC'd the event.  Kat opened the show with a special song written for Lily with special material by Shelly Goldstein accompanied by Shelly Markham.   Kat dazzled the crowd with her singing and was spectacular. garnering her a standing ovation.  What a great way to spend the afternoon! .  Hope you are having a great Friday... HH(:
Lainie Kazan, Kat Kramer and honoree Lily Tomlin....  Photo: David Keeler

Congratulations Lily!  Photo: David Keeler