Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunshine MagaZine Presents A Ray Of Light... Cheryl Brost... The 7th Fittest Woman In The World.... HH(:

I had the pleasure of meeting super athlete Cheryl Brost a.k.a. "CrossFit's 7th Fittest Woman In The World" as she prepared for her photo shoot with acclaimed photographer Marc Kayne known for his work with super models like Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Miranda Kerr & Adrian Lima.  Our fun meeting took place at Siren Studios on Sunset as a makeup artist Violeta Meyners prepared her for the shoot.  What impressed me  most about Cheryl is her friendly helpful down to earth personality, her wholesome positive attitude and her total commitment to fitness. I nicknamed her "Mary Pickford with Muscles".  The Altrient spokeswoman believes in a diet of lean proteins, lots of vegetables, small amounts of starches and virtually no processed foods & sugars &  starts each day with Altrient Vitamin C and B supplements.   A native of Eugene, Oregon, Cheryl  just turned 41 and looks and acts years younger. She is married and a busy mother of two.  While growing up she loved to work with horses and in college was a team member on a championship winning soccer team.  Cheryl explained that CrossFit works by challenging the body with an ever changing set of exercises crammed into an intense 20 minute workout of the day also known as WAD.  In CrossFit competitions the competitors don't know what will be asked of them so you have to be ready.... and fit!  The next CrossFit competitions take place this July at the Home Depot Center. Good luck Cheryl!  HH(:

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