Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Very Memorable Memorial Day: The Premiere of Steven C. Barber's Excellent Documentary "Until They Are Home" at the DGA..... HH(:

Frank Stallone & Marine Guests
Tamara Henry in Tony Bowls showing her Royce Ware divine protection dog tag necklace
Gina Elise "Pin Ups For Vets" &  "Until They Are Home" producer Tamara Henry
Tommy Davidson interViewed by the media
The film's Leon Cooper & granddaughter
Patrick Kilpatrick speaks with a guest
Sophia Koikas & Ida Myers
David Murphy, John Savage & guest Maria
Director Steve Barber & the film's Leon Cooper
Ida Myers & Harrison Held
Ed Lauter & Guest
Jimmy Stewart & Robert Burton
Frank Stallone greets guest at premiere of "Until They Are Home"

A Very Memorable Memorial Day... I was very moved by Vanilla Fire's "Until They Are Home" which premiered Memorial Day at the DGA.   The well made documentary directed by Steven C. Barber  & narrated by Kelsey Grammer tells the poignant, eye opening story of work done by JPAC to find and identify remains of World War ll U.S. MIA's on the island of Tarawa located about 2500 miles southwest of the Hawaiin Islands  currently within the Republic of Kiribati.   Leon Cooper, 93, is featured in the movie and is one of the few remaining survivors of the battle of "Bloody Tarawa".  It was a pleasure to meet him after the screening and talk with his proud family.  He also appears in the doc "Return to Tarawa" another Steven C. Barber/Vanilla Fire production.  The film features Country Star Clint Black's song "She Won't Let Go" adding a nice touch..  The late Eddie Albert  also appears in the film - he fought in World War ll & saved the lives of many fallen soldiers at Tarawa...  a true hero.  Thanks to producer Tamara Henry for the invitation & kudos to the entire production team on a job well done!  Visit www.untiltheyarehome.com for more information on this very important, must see film.  HH(:

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