Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... The Triumphant Premiere of Jason Robert Brown's "The Last Five Years" at the Hudson Guild Theatre....

"The Last Five Years" stars Kate Bowman & Juan Lozano....  Photos by Lisette Azar

Kate Bowman & Juan Lozano

Los Angeles audiences are in for a treat when they see Jason Robert Brown's unique, intimate & powerful chamber musical "The Last Five Years" now playing at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Hollywood.  It is the inaugural production for KBP Theatre Group & they are off to a great start.  The award winning play elegantly directed by Kristen Boule stars two wonderful performers - Kate Bowman as the struggling hopeful  shiksa actress Cathy Hiatt & Juan Lozano as the super successful overnite sensation Jewish writer Jamie Wellerstein and tells the story of their falling in & out of love. There's passion, there's romance, there's humor & comedy, there's sadness, there's hope, there's despair & there's heartbreak told via beautifully performed songs & music written by Jason Robert Brown. Great work by musical director Peter Darling & his musicians. Cathy's version of their 5 year relationship starts at the end of their marriage going backward in time to their first meeting while Jamie's begins with their first date & goes forward.  Their memories intersect at the marriage sequence in  the middle of the 90 minute play.  There's also a new addition to the play - there are dancer versions of each of the two characters "memories" behind screens which was very effective.  Kudos to dancers Macy Reyes & Daniel Johnson and choreographer Steven Nielsen on their fine work. What I liked the most about the play is that is doesn't suger coat Cathy & Jamie - we see the good, the bad and the ugly of both character's complex personalities. Audiences will enjoy witnessing their colorful rollercoaster journey in this production produced by Kristen Boule & Lisette Azar. Definitely worth seeing. For more information visit .

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