Friday, September 28, 2012

SceneAroundTown.... Theatre 40 Presents A Terrific Production of W. Somerset Maugham's "The Circle"

I thoroughly enjoyed W. Somerset Maugham's romantic comedy of manners "The Circle" which is Theatre 40's latest gem well directed by Jules Aaron.  The witty 1920's satire about marriage, infidelity, the pursuit of happiness and the battle between passion and practicality still rings very true today in 2012.  The play's winning cast features Scott Facher as Arnold, Shelby Kocee as Elizabeth, Rhonda Lord as Lady Kitty, Lloyd Pedersen as Clive Champion-Cheney, David Hunt Stafford as Lord Porteus, Ross Alden as Teddie, Dionne Jones as Anna and Fernando Aldaz as George the butler.  The comedy takes place in the home of Arnold Champion-Cheney's house in Dorset, England. Lovely romantic Elizabeth has invited George's mother Lady Kitty & her husband Lord Porteus from Italy to spend time with them at their home.  Having never met her mother-in-law she fantasizes what a lovely refined lady she must be and thinks it's important for George & his mother to make amends.  While she is lovely she is definitely not refined as depicted by Rhonda Lord's colorful, comedic portrayal.  Bumbling, ambitious politically minded George hasn't seen his mother in over 30 years and doesn't really want to.  He doesn't seem too fond of his wife either...  no wonder she begins to fancy house guest businessman Teddie.  The scandal of George's mother leaving with his father's close friend has deeply scarred him for life and destroyed a few political careers along the way and George is determined that such a catastrophe will never destroy his life again.  To George & Elizabeth's dismay & shock his father Clive Champion-Cheney unexpectedly shows up on the same day...crazy funny emotional romantic passionate havoc ensues. The beautiful set is designed by Jeff G. rack with great period costumes by Michele Young & great wigs by Judi Lewin adding to the authentic look & feel of the time. Audiences will love this production of  "The Circle".  It's witty, romantic, charming and very funny. For more information visit

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