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Nicole Kasenko

Harrison Held and Russian/Latvian model/actress Nicole Kasenko... photo by Carolyn Brown(: 
At LATC Gala... Armando Huipe, an LATC administrative assistant and Alyxandra Darensbourg
Cheech Marin recieves a special award at LATC
At LATC Gala: These students were part of LATC's summer theater program and loved it
Lily Tomlin & Kat Kramer at Kat Kramer's Film That Change The World premiere of "Teach Your Children Well" at Sunset Gower Studios

Piper & Tauper at Jerry Lewis/MDA benefit at Laugh Factory

Harrison Held, Kat Kramer and Larry King
Harrison Held, Kat Kramer and Larry King at the 50th Anniversary of the spectaculiar "Judgement at Nuremberg" directed and produced by Kat's father Stanley Kramer.  The private reception and screening took place at A.M.P.A.S and was hosted by Larry King, a great fan of Stanley's.  The Q & A before the screening included Karen-Sharpe Kramer, Oscar winner for Best Actor Maximilian Schell and Rabbi  Marvin Hier of the the Simon Wiesenthal Center....  A very memorable nite....   HH(:   Photo: Robert Delgadillo

SceneAroundTown.... Have A Safe & Fun Halloween Weekend... HH(:

                                                    "She Came From Outer Space".....  (:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

SceneAroundTown... Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World Presents the World Premiere of "Teach Your Children Well" Narrated By Lily Tomlin.... HH(:

Film Series Producer Kat Kramer and special guest/film narrator Lily Tomlin are interviewed by Tamara Henry who herself was bullied growing up....  photo: Max Worthington, courtesy of Tamara Henry 
Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin on the red carpet
Special Guest Romi Dames
James Gilliam, ACLU Deputy Director, entertainer CoCo Peru, Kat Kramer and "Teach Your Children Well" director Gary Takesian
The film's Lily Tomlin and film series producer Kat Kramer
On The Scene.... Diversity News TV's Steven Escobar and Star Cam's Jennifer Tapiero
Special Guest Wendy Walsh, mother of the late Seth Walsh, a victim of bullying
Claudia Lee and Kat Kramer

Kathryn Joosten, Lily Tomlin, Kat Kramer, Judy Tenuta and Kate Linder...  photo: Bob Delgadillo

Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin being interviewed by Sunshine Magazine's Harrison Held for Diversity News TV.... photo: Bob Delgadillo
Romi Dames, Judi Rose, Glynn Turman, Lily Tomlin,  CoCo Peru, Kathryn Joosten, Kat Kramer and director Gary Takesian....  Photo above and 2 below: Stella "Disco Stella" Gomez
Comedy King Bruce Vilanche (center) is joined by Kate Linder and Judy Tenuta (left) and Lily Tomlin, Kat Kramer and Kathryn Joosten....  photo: Bob Delgadillo

Last Sunday was a very, very, very busy day.  Did I mention that it was a busy day?  I was up at the crack of dawn eager to cover the 27th Annual Aids Walk Los Angeles for Steven Escobar's  Diversity News TV where I had the pleasure of interviewing  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, APLA's Craig E. Thompson, Carson Kressley, Drew Carey, Raquel Castaneda and Mike Manning.  Cudos to all those involved who helped to raise three million dollars this year to help people fighting Aids!Next I interviewed many  celebrities and VIP's for Diversity News TV on the red carpet of the world premier of "Teach Your Children Well", the 4th in  Kat Kramer's popular film series "Films That Change The World" at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood...   Then I had to rush over to photograph for my friends at the Hollywood Arts Council's Halloween Spirit Party on the roof of the Hollywood Tower,  said to be haunted.  My on camera interviews and coverage of speechs made at the 27th Annual Aids Walk Los Angeles and the premier of "Teach Your Children Well", two historical, socially relevant events held on the same day can be seen 24/7 at , on Blip TV and on You Tube.  Thank you Steven Escobar for all your hard work.   It was a very, very busy day but well worth it.  And I went "Green" leaving the car at home and taking Metro to all my events.   "Teach Your Children Well" is a serious acclaimed documentary about bullying, gay bashing and homophobia directed by Gary Takesian and narrated by beloved comedy icon and actress Lily Tomlin.  When Kat, a victim of bullying herself,  first told me about Lily's involvement with the film last Spring I knew it had to be good because when Lily gets involved in a project you know it is going to be noteworthy and high quality.  Lily became involved when her friend entertainer CoCo Peru (who appears in the film) asked her to  narrate on behalf of the director and  producers, adding her celebrity star power to the vehicle.  Sadly, bullying has reached chronic levels and as Lily mentioned cyber-bullying targets victims relentlessly.  The film deals specifically with gay and cross gender teens being bullied.  Tragically, many of the victims of bullying turn to suicide.  I've had 2 close friends committ suicide and it is something you never get over.  TV Personality Tamara Henry was on the scene covering for the LA Comedy Awards and shared with me the horrible bullying she endured growing up.  "Being bullied damaged my self esteem but ultimately made me search for answers, compassion and forgiveness".  I applaud Tamara on her positive attitude - as Suzanne Somers says, she was able to take a lemon and make lemonade. 
I covered a fundraiser for the film last May in Long Beach eager to lend my support.  Kat and Lily worked for months preparing the  premiere of "Teach" cultimating in a  very successful star studded, consciousness raising event.   Kat knew that it was the 25th anniversary of "The Magic School Bus" a popular animated PBS series that Lily also worked on.  Lily played Ms. Frizzle, taking her students on field trips on "The Magic School Bus" to learn about the environment and now she is using her iconic voice to educate the world about  the life and death issues of bullying.  Kat arranged for a big yellow school bus to arrive filled with celebrities and VIP's and Lily, a former high school cheerleader came up with the friendly "Be a Buddy, not a Bully... Buddy-Yeah, Bully-No" cheer complete with pom poms.  Some of the celebrities and VIP's at the premier included Jesse Tyler Ferguson, James Gilliam, the film's Army Zabarian, Wendy Walsh and CoCo Peru, Judy Tenuta, Bruce Vilanche, the film's director Gary Takesian,  executive producer Robin Voss, producers Paul Belsito and Steven Roche,  Scott Harden, Romi Dames, Kat's mom Karen Sharpe-Kramer, Tamara Henry, Bridgette LaBonge,  Kailey Swenson, Lorielle New, Vincent du Paul, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Tania Gunadi, Bella Thorne with bf Garrett Backstrom, Remy Thorne and gf Pia Mia plus Leigh-Allyn Baker, Kathryn Joosten, Katia Louise (director of "Saving America's Horses, A Nation Betrayed" a doc that I love), Lauren Archibald, Denzel Whitaker, Y&R's Kate Linder and Thom Bierdz, Claudia Lee,  Glynn Turman, City Commissioner Ari Ruiz, California Sate Assemblywoman Betsy Butler, Rosalba Gonzalez, Michael Colorge and many, many others.  Kudos to the film makers, cast, Kat, Lily and  all involved in getting the message out that bullying is unacceptable, will not be tolerated and must be stopped. Schools can become involved with Friends of the Project 10 - .  If you are reading this and are being bullied and feeling suicidal please call The Trevor Project's 24 hour line at 866-488-7386 right away - .  Help and support is available and I promise you life will get better...  If you are a bully reading this I urge you to take a look at the serious ramifications of your actions.  Bullying is not a laughing matter.... and as Lily Tomlin used to say on Laugh In "and that's the truth" ....HH
PS.  Thanks to my pals Bob  Degadillo and Stella "Disco Stella" Gomez for covering the event and taking pictures that I used in this article.

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SceneAroundTown.... Drew Carey, Pauley Perrette, Raquel Castaneda, Jennifer Lewis, Carson Kresley and Others Support 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles... Cheech Marin Honored at LATC Awards Dinner... & Funny Lady Lily Tomlin Gets Serious With "Teach Your Children Well"... HH(:

"Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World"....  Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kat Kramer and Lily Tomlin at the premier of "Teach Your Children Well" at Sunset Gower Studios - see story above
Cheech Marin with family, friends and fans
Drew Carey lends his support to the 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles
On The Scene...  Carson Kressley and Raquel Castaneda