Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... A Terrific Production... A Terrific Experience... "The Rocky Horror Experience"... Dragonfly... 2 More Nites Only!

I had a great time last nite at "The Rocky Horror Experience...An Interactive Night of Absolute Pleasure" @ Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Boulevard. What a fun & amazing experience & it's only on for 2 more nites so visit www.rockyhorrorexperience.brownpapertickets.com for your tx! Presented with sizzle & flair by www.2centstheatre.com & www.cherrypopproductions.com -  Enjoy! A great high energy talented cast & live band rocked the house!  HH

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Fun @ the Premiere of "Portrait of a Zombie" @ The Filmmakers' Gallery in Long Beach!

Todd Fletcher & Bing Bailey

Bing Bailey, Laura Morand Bailey & Guest

Had a great time covering the premiere of the very cool indie film "Portrait of a Zombie" at the beautiful new Filmmakers' Gallery in Long Beach owned by Paul Belsito & Steve Roche.  "Portrait of a Zombie" is the first film to be screened there & was shot completely on location in Ireland featuring great talent from overseas in addition to talented American lead actor Todd Fletcher     who flew in with director/writer/producer Bing Bailey, wife/writer/producer Laura Morand Bailey   & cinematographer Clayton H. Haskell.  The film is a very engaging horror/thriller about a movie crew covering the story of a young Irish man who becomes a zombie & how his family, friends & community cope.  This well made indie thriller has some extremely gory scenes perfect for Halloween season viewing & can be enjoyed all year long as well.  Great music by Amanda Rose Smith.  HH      
Filmakers' Gallery producers Paul Belsito & Steve Roche

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Mmmmm.... Dupar's Celebrates 75th Anniversary With 1938 Prices

Dupar's Famous Reuben Sandwich

Dupar's Delicious Chef Salad

Dupar's Family Friendly Location in Studio City is open 24 hrs

Dupar's Restaurant recently rolled back their prices to 1938 to celebrate their 75th Anniversary in style!  The food was mouth watering & so were the prices!  For only 35 cents lucky diners had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Chef's Salad or a Rueben Sandwich with French fries or a Patty Melt with French fries.  Their delicious filling Spit Pea Soup was only 15 cents, Clam Chowder was 25 cents as was their appetizing Cheeseburger with French fries.   At dinner time Chicken Pot Pies, Creamed Welsh Rarebit & Meatloaf was only 35 cents.  Steak Pot Pie, Hot Turkey Sandwiches & Fish & Chips were 40 cents.  Dupar's famous Apple, Rhubarb, Gooseberry & Boysenberry pie was 15 cents a slice & those with a yen for Blueberry paid 20 cents.  Soda & Iced Tea was a refreshing 10 cents, Coffee cost 5 cents & Fresh Squeezed OJ was 15 cents.  Breakfast was a steal too: 35 cents for 3 Pieces of French Toast or a Biscuit & Gravy or 30 cents for their 1 Egg Breakfast served with 2 strips of bacon or turkey links, hash browns & toast. Amazing! And their Steel Cut Oatmeal Brulee with Fruit was a snazzy 25 cents.  Thank you Dupar's for the delicious amazing deals & happy 75th Anniversary!  Can't wait for your next big celebration!  HH

Friday, October 18, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Elijah Wood's Horror Thriller "Toad Road"... An Extremely Cautionary Film

"Toad Road" Director Jason Banker & Executive Producer Elijah Wood....  Photo by Mollywood Hollywood

"Hi, I'm Elijah Wood"... Photo by Mollywood Hollywood

I attended the premiere tonite of  the new reality based drug culture film "Toad Road" directed by Jason Banker and executive produced by Elijah Wood at the Arena Theater in Hollywood followed by a fun after party at Sadie's across the street.  "Toad Road" is a well made look into the drug crazed lives of over the top young partiers in the New York area mixed in with a horror film narrative.   It contains many extremely gritty scenes in the reality portions & beautifully, creatively shot portions in the 'fantasy' parts.  The film tells the story of real life participants Sara Anne Jones & James Davidson who show great promise as actors & their wild out of control substance abusing circle of friends.  Without revealing any spoilers the film ultimately delivers a powerful message: get off drugs & stay sober.  Thanks Mollywood Hollywood for the  pics... HH  

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Kerry Berry Brogan: East Meets West Beautifully

  Kerry Berry Brogan.... photo: Sina com

Kerry Berry Brogan, the gorgeous Mandarin-speaking American actress, raised eyebrows this week as she hit the red carpet alongside top Hollywood and Chinese stars at the 2013 Huading Awards in Macao, China. Better known amongst Chinese audiences than American, Ms. Brogan has appeared in a wide variety of dramatic, comedic, starring and supporting roles in over 60 Chinese films and television series.  She is China's most coveted Western actress for Chinese language movies.  Established in 2007 by Bejing based Global Talents Media Group, the Huading Awards is a vote based show to celebrate top talent in entertainment.  This year the organizer's of the show focused on bringing together the East with the West and attracted many A-list Hollywood celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Quentin Tarantino, Jeremy Irons, Avril Lavigne and Sam Worthington.  A-listers from Asia included Jackie Chan, Jessica Jung, Nick Cheung and Fala Chen.   According to founder Mr. Wangkun, Kerry Berry Brogan was the only China-based Western celebrity in attendance.  "There was a lot about tonight that was unexpected," reflected Ms. Brogan. "The Chinese film industry is so explosive in  so many ways.  I'm from the States but I've been here for so many years just doing my thing. It's always felt like two divided worlds but to me tonight they started to come together.  I just got to sit back and observe, and I think I was one of only a few who got to enjoy the jokes from both sides, which was just funny in  itself!"
The actress, who showed up in jet black hair for her new role is currently filming a dark comedy in which she plays the daughter of an Italian, New York based godfather like figure who plots her revenge after getting shamed off a voice talent competition.  This explains why the brunette beauty showed up for the awards with long, jet black locks!  Offscreen Kerry Berry Brogan is the China Film Ambassador for Film Auckland and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Flying Tiger Historical Organization and has been praised for her work in promoting better Sino-American cultural understanding.  She is also the youngest recipient of the Goddess Artemis Award.  HH  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... A Fantastic Meal @ 9021 Pho

Thanks to Vietnamese Master Chef Kimmy Tang & her amazing staff for the delicious meal recently at the elegant  9021 Pho located in the Westfield Fashion Square Mall at 14006 Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks on the first floor.  The delicious dishes we enjoyed included fresh pork fresh rolls, succulent chicken potstickers, a yummy pork bun salad, delicious chicken curry pho, mouth watering garlic eggplant, delicious crispy fish & for dessert a scrumptious & refreshing spumoni bomba.  Our lovely server Allie B was very attentive, friendly & professional as was all the staff.  9021 Pho prides itself in preparing dishes rich in vitamins & antioxidants paired with a delicious balance of  flavors.  Their other locations are at 490 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, The Glendale Galleria 1164 Glendale Galleria Way & at 30990 Russell Ranch Road in Westlake Village.  Chef Kimmy Tang was born & raised in Saigon & started to learn her craft at a young age watching the family chef prepare delicious Vietnamese food.  Soon after her family moved to California where she began working in Chinese & Japanese restaurants broadening her culinary passion.  She then traveled to France & back to Vietnam where she studied more about gourmet food preparation.  9021 Pho caters to the health conscious food lover featuring fresh ingredients, a colorful array of vegetables & lean cuts of meat & poultry.  I highly recommend their dishes.  Following the birth of her baby Kim Kardashian's first food request was takeout from the Beverly Hills location.  9021 Pho's "Lunch Tour of Beverly Hills" menu features meals all priced at $9.95 - a great value.  Chef Kimmy Tang also supports many local & international charities for children.  Visit www.9021pho.com for more information & enjoy their fine dishes!  Thanks to Julia Adkerson & staff at Krupar Consulting for the invitation.  HH

Master Chef Kimmy Tang

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Fun & Classy Grand Opening at Haiying Snider Boutique... Westfield Century City Mall

Haiying Snider

Monica Matulich, Jacques Silberstein & Haiying Snider

Monica Matulich & Francesca Drommi Partello

Beautiful purses designed by Haiying Snider

More beautiful designs by Haiying Snider

Looking pretty in pink, recording star Destenee joins friends at the grand opening of the Haiying Snider Boutique 

The opening Friday nite of the beautiful Haiying Snider boutique in the Westfield Century City Mall was a smashing success!  The boutique features beautiful colorful purses, bags & women's clothing designed by Chinese born sisters Haiying & Haifeng Liu.  "I've always been passionate about fashion & our designs are driven by an influence of Chinese culture & American trends, " says Haiying, "giving each garment a one of a kind statement that you would normally have to pay much more for somewhere else. We're calling it 'affordable luxury'."   Adds Haiying "We've also made the line eco friendly using quality faux leather & furs. Our handbag line features items that are manufactured using synthetic materials as we have attempted to create beauty, style & utility without taking the lives of animals.  The idea stems from our family background since our parents are Buddhists. But we also wanted to give options so part of the handbag line is made from genuine leather.  The plus side to using the best faux clothing products is that you can throw them in the washer and they always look like new".  For more information visit www.HaiyingSnider.com - For the month of October patrons receive 20% discount on their purchases.  Thanks Jacques Silberstein for the great photos!  HH

Monday, October 7, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Exclusive: Kat Kramer's "Films That Change The World" Spotlights FALLOUT

Directly above video about the acclaimed new documentary FALLOUT and above that sizzle reel for Kat Kramer's acclaimed series "Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World"

Busy actress/singer/activist/producer/journalist Kat Kramer is pleased to announce that the acclaimed documentary FALLOUT will be the  5th installment in her much lauded film series "Kat Kramer's Films That Change The World". The highly anticipated event will take place Wednesday, November 13th at 7:30pm at Sunset-Gower/Sunset-Bronson Studios in Hollywood.  "This studio is the home of my series".  Kat continues "The event will begin with a red carpet reception, followed by the screening and a panel".  FALLOUT is a wonderful documentary from Australian filmmaker Lawrence Johnston ("NIGHT") and features Dr. Helen Caldicott who is flying in for the event, actress Donna Anderson ("On The Beach", "Inherit The Wind"), Kat's mom actress/producer Karen Sharpe-Kramer and Philip Davey ("When Hollywood Came to Melbourne"). Author  Nevil Schute's daughter is also featured as well as other experts.  FALLOUT is about nuclear holocaust and the making of her dad Stanley Kramer's classic award winning film "On The Beach" and how Mr. Kramer adapted Schute's novel for the screen.  It also is about legendary stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire coming to Melbourne, Australia to make the award winning film.
There have been 4 other star-studded world premiere screenings in Kat's series.  "I only screen features/documentaries that focus on social issues.  I launched my series with the 25th Anniversary of Barbra Streisand's "Yentl" and DVD release.  We screened it in the Stanley Kramer Theatre on the Sunset-Gower lot during Women's History Month in 2009.  I connected with "The Enough Project" and  "Raise Hope For Congo",  a woman's organization dedicated to aid women in that region of the world".  Kat continues "The second installment was the West Coast DVD release premiere of "The Cove" which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature one week later.  All the film makers flew in for the premiere and City Councilman Tom LaBonge gave me a special accommodation which was a great honor.  He declared it "The Cove Day" in Southern California.  Three organizations were featured...  "Sea Shepard Organization", "Save Japan Dolphins" and "Earth Island Institute".  The 3rd installment of my series was "Elephants And Man: A Litany Of Tragedy" hosted by Lily Tomlin and Tippi Hedren with a special appearance by animal lover Cher!  It was all about the plight of elephants in captivity.  The evening spotlighted the animal-rights group "A Voice For The Animals Foundation".  On a side note Kat is forever the voice of "Performing Animal Welfare Society" (PAWS) with her new recording of "Bless The Beasts And Children" from her father's film of the same name.  Kat continues "the 4th installment in the series was the now award-winning anti-bullying documentary "Teach Your Children Well" narrated by Lily Tomlin.  The star-studded premiere debuted during anti-bullying prevention month.  Hosted by Lily Tomlin, the premiere featured plenty of celebrity support such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Glynn Turman, Bella Thorne, Kate Linder, Judy Tenuta, and the late Kathryn Joosten.  All the stars/filmmakers  arrived on a yellow school bus and emerged doing anti-bullying cheers complete with pom poms.  TYCW is still going strong having screened at Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival where it won audience favorite.  TYCW will screen on Saturday October 19th at 6:30pm at the Scottish Rite Theatre in Long Beach and will precede the musical "Beyond The Fence" about the life of Matthew Shepard".  Kat also shares that she will be a featured guest on an upcoming 2013 LAFEMME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL panel called "Making the Commercial Documentary: Exploring the Formula that Works" and is very excited to finally launch her new one-woman-show "My Duet With Mick".  Much more is coming up for this gorgeous, classy, caring, talented and dynamic woman who wears many hats and wears them well... Stay Tuned!   HH

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Actress Devai Pearce Is On The Move...

Actress Devai Pearce

Beautiful  Devai Pearce is serious about her craft & ready to take the acting world by storm.  A Texas native, Devai is a graduate of The American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco and also holds a degree in journalism.  She has been active with two Los Angeles theater companies including The Berubians Theater Company & she explored her darker comedic side with the talented group of Zombie Joe's Underground Theater.   Her personality & style have compared her to the great Goldie Hawn & Drew Barrymore & one of the highest compliments she ever received was being told she had a Meryl Streep quality to her work. Whatever the comparisons, Devai has a spirit & look that is all her own.  Devai would love to appear on a soap -  she grew up watching "The Young & the Restless" & "The Bold & the Beautiful" with her mom & appearing on a soap "would be like giving the biggest 'Hello' I could to my mom every day!"  Devai is also a big fan of Taylor Schilling on the new Netflix hit "Orange is the New Black" & would love to follow in her footsteps.  Devai's training includes studying with coach to the stars Howard Fine known for his work with Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper,& Salma Hayek plus studying with Aaron Speiser whose famous clientele includes Will Smith & Jennifer Lopez.  Devai scored her first commercial in highschool for a sunglass company awakening her passion for acting in front of he camera.  Watch out for this talented, likable & versatile actress!  HH

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Fantastic Kick Off to the South African Arts Festival... Grand Performances

Mahotella Queens rocked the house - they were fantastic - followed by a screening of  the award winning film South African film "Otello" - what a great nite!

A wonderful VIP reception kicked off the first South African Arts Festival at Grand Performances in downtown Los Angeles - delicious gourmet catering by Heirloom.

South African Arts Festival... a good time was had by all.

Enjoy these great photos courtesy of Christopher Alvarez... Thanks Lynn Tejada for the invite!   HH