Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown....

Congratulations to Laila Biali on her terrific Los Angeles concert debut at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz.  The very talented Vancouver born jazz singer & pianist wowed  the audience on her debut show here accompanied with great flair by Frank McClendon on drums & Hamilton Price on bass.  Great catering at the reception by 

Sheryl Lee Ralph rocked the house at the L.A. Convention Center co-hosting the "Lights, Camera, Runway" fashion show with radio personality Kevin Nash.  Ms. Ralph was the celebrity host for this year's West Coast Expo produced by OurWeekly LLC media group.  The  fashion show was a fundraiser for the Urban Media Foundation & was very well produced.. 

Firefighter Billy Monahan, Hunter the rescue dog, Loretta Switt & JoAnne Worley on the red carpet for Actors & Others for Animals at the Universal Hilton.  The show was well hosted by the very humorous Michael Burger.

Tippi Hedren, Mary Ellen Bloomingdale & animal activist honoree Kathleen Riordan
Ruta Lee
JoAnne Worley & Forever Plaid cast kibbitz in the green room
Mikel Beaukel, Aimee Meals & Mary Ellen Bloomingdale

Fred Willard is joined by Forever Plaid cast members for a photo before the show.  Fred & Jim Piddock hosted the Celebrity Best In Show segment featuring videos of pets owned by Susan Sullivan, Tippi Hedren, Leonard Maltin, Connie Stevens, Ed Begley, Jr., Jay Johnson, Bernie Shine, Allie MacKay & Chuck McCann.  For more information about this wonderful organization visit    HH

SceneAroundTown...  Laila Biali's Terrific LA debut @ TRK.... coming soon! HH

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Grand Opening of Elaine's Bakery & Cafe in Brentwood

Recording Artist/ X-Factor Star Elaine Gibbs (center) arrives with hairstylist Kelly J  (left) & make up artist Tracy Kennedy to the grand opening of Elaine's Bakery & Cafe in Brentwood

A great evening last nite at the grand opening of a terrific new eatery in Brentwood called Elaine's Bakery & Cafe located in the Brentwood Gardens at 11677 San Vicente.  Guests were treated to an abundance of delicious eats, tasty treats & a variety of health drinks, wine, champagne & sodas served by very friendly & courteous staff.   I loved the food prepared by executive chef Susan Oak & in particular "Elaine's Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich" is fantastic - chicken breast, red cabbage, red onions, provolone, romaine, garlic aioli on ciabatta.  OMG... really, really, really good!  Their tomato bisque is absolutely delicious too.  I didn't try the desserts but my friends remarked how good they were as well.  The band Chemistry added a great touch to the evening and accompanied special guest recording artist & X-Factor star Elaine Gibbs for her searing 4 song set.  What a treat & what an amazing singer she is.  Country artist Brandon Alan performed next charming the audience with his vocals & guitar playing.  For more information about this fun new eatery visit - their delicious food is sure to make your taste buds sing.  Thanks to the PR team at Eileen Koch & Company for an amazing evening.  HH

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... WGA's 2013 Primetime Sublime Emmy Nominees VIP Reception & Panel

We had a great time last nite at the WGA's 2013 Sublime Primetime VIP reception & panel for Emmy Nominees....  I brought my friends 50's siren/actress Kathleen Hughes & her husband veteran producer Stanley Rubin winner of the very first Emmy in history.  What an honor....  It was fun mingling with many of the happy nominees for this year's Emmy's and the food and drinks catered by the Arclight was fantastic.

Harrison Held, Stanley Rubin, winner of the first Emmy in history & his wife actress Kathleen Hughes attend reception for 2013 Sublime Primetime at the Arclight...  Photo by Michael Jones/WGA 

2013 Primetime Sublime Emmy Nominees (from left) Richard LaGravenese, Erica Oyama, the WGAW Vice President Howard A. Rodman, Lizzie Molyneux, moderator Larry Wilmore, Wendy Molyneux, Kevin Bleyer, George Mastras & Greg Daniels....  Photo by Billy Bennight
Following the reception was a very interesting panel well hosted by actor/comic turned writer/producer Larry Wilmore featuring a diverse group of talented Emmy nominees.  Kevin Bleyer nominated for The Daily Show spoke of the jocular banter of writing off the headlines & if the jokes didn't work in the run throughs they would tweak or scrap the first half hour & write a new show an hour before broadcast.  Richard LaGravenese nominated for Beyond the Candelabra shared  of creating an honest story that showed the growth of the relationship that led to love between the two central characters played by Michael Douglas & Matt Damon. Writer Wendy Molyneux nominated with Lizzie Molyneux for Bob's Burgers, "O.T.: The Outside Toilet" spoke of her recurring dream of a toilet in the middle of a room of a party where she eventually has to go #1  & #2 to her embarrassment.  Breaking Bad, "Dead Freight" nominee George Mastras shared about the issues of timing when it came to the deepening moral dilemma of the lead character portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston. Character & story conscious A&E executives weren't concerned about the death of one of the supporting characters but rather it's timing to the arch of the story.  Thanks to the WGA & Gregg Mitchell for the hospitality...  it was a great evening & good luck to all of this year's nominees!  HH with additional reporting by Billy Bennight.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Very Strong Performances in the Poignant Play "The Dream of the Burning Boy".... Malibu Playhouse

"The Dream of the Burning Boy"...  Strong Moving Performances By All The Cast Members...  (pictured) Zach Palmer, Jayne McLendon, Jeff Hayenga & Joslyn Kramer

Melissa Kite & Tyler Ritter

Mellisa Kite & Jeff Hayenga...  all photos courtesy McCarthy Photo Studio

David West Read's "The Dream of the Burning Boy" is a must see new production at the Malibu Playhouse.
The poignant contemporary one act award winning play follows the lives of faculty, friends & family members following the sudden death of a popular student named Dane (well played by Matthias Chrans). Stage & screen veteran Jeff Hayenga stars as Larry the teacher at the school who is the last to see Dane alive and is excellent. Dane's angst ridden sister Rachel is winningly portrayed by Jayne McLendon & his mourning girlfriend Chelsea is well acted by Joslyn Kramer.  Tyler Ritter is charming and terrific as Steve the school counselor doing his best to help everyone through a very difficult time.  Melissa Kite is very moving in her portrayal of Dane's grieving mother and Zach Palmer is great as a fellow student with a lot more than studying on his mind.  The play, well directed by Edward Edwards & stylishly produced by Gene Franklin Smith & Rick D. Wasserman runs till Sunday, October 13th and is well worth the trip if you don't live in the Malibu area.  For more information visit or call 310 589 1998.  HH

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown...

Looking forward to Melissa Kite & Tyler Ritter starring  in " The Dream of the Burning Boy" premiering tomorrow nite at the Malibu Playhouse

Cole Smith (center) & her pals from APAC Pictures

"Love is everywhere and Samuel Jackson can actually SEE it"

Last nite I attended the premiere of  the multi talented Cole Smith's stylish short film "Aura" at El Cid on Sunset Boulevard.   "Aura" is a very impressive well made film about a mysterious young man named Samuel Jackson (Ben Wells) with a unique hat collection who reads people's auras & tries to help his friends find partners who are the right match.  The short is an APAC Films production - a group of young, ambitious & talented performers & writers who are forging forward with their unique productions in music, concerts & filmed entertainment.  Kudos to Ms. Smith on this terrific short that she wrote & directed. The cast is first rate too.  HH