Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Alan Bernhoft at "Hell Comes to Hollywood... Dark Delicacies... HH(:

"Hell Comes to Hollywood"... An Anthology of Short Horror Fiction set  in Tinseltown features stories by 11 authors including  talented actor/writer/musician Alan Bernhoft (above) Photos by Sheila Baguio
Veteran actor Clu Galagher & guests at the "Hell Comes To Hollywood" signing

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown..... Phil Messerer's "Underbelly Blues" Red Carpet at the WGA... On Location with P.J. Riley's "A Vengeful Silence" .... Fabian Morales' "Take Me Home" Documentary... & More... HH(:

The Red Carpet Premiere of Phil Messerer's highly entertaining  crazy dark comedy "Underbelly Blues" at the WGA produced by Tony Tarantino

Director Fabian Morales directs a documentary about the homeless called  "Take Me Home"

On location for the thriller "A Vengeful Silence" directed by P.J. Riley

More info about these cool independent films soon...  HH(:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Book Signing Party for "Beverly Hills Confidential"... Greystone Manor... HH(:

"Beverly Hills Confidential - A Century of Stars, Scandals & Murders"' authors Clark Fogg & Barbara Schroeder are joined by actress Mara New (center)

Mara New at Greystone Manor

"The Manor"....  Murder & Madness at Greystone Mansion...   Actress/writer Kathrine Bates, guest Diana Herbert Markes Levitt & cast member Nina Borisoff - for more information about this acclaimed original production about Greystone Manor's scandalous history visit www.theatre40.org

Diana Herbert Markes Levitt, Amy Condit & historian Joan Renner

                                               Hope U R Having A Great DaY...  HH(:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... "Farm Boy"... Matrix Theatre.... HH(:

"Farm Boy" stars Lawrence Pressman (left) and Simon Lees (far right) & is directed by David Fofi (center). Photos by David Sprague
Just saw the excellent, charming production of "Farm Boy" directed by David Fofi which opened as a guest production at the Matrix Theatre on Melrose yesterday.  The play stars veteran Lawrence Pressman & newcomer Simon Lees who is destined for a great career.  In 1982 Michael Morpurgo's family friendly novel "War Horse" was published with the sequel "Farm Boy" following in 1997. The latter book was adapted into a play by Daniel Buckroyd and an excellent play I will say performed with style and superior acting by Lawrence Pressman as Grandfather & Simon Lees as the Grandson. The heartwarming 70 minute production which takes place in rural England after World War 1 is really great  storytelling and definitely a worthwhile trip to the Matrix. The play also features original music by Katrina Wood who produces with Barney D. Neeley with beautiful set design by Aaron Glazer. HH(:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown...... The Hangover ll's Crystal Joins NBC's "Animal Practise".... Stone Marker Premiere & More... HH(:

The Hangover ll's Crystal & Harrison Held
Last nite I had the pleasure of meeting & "hanging out" with one of Hollywood's hottest rising female stars....  "Crystal" from The Hangover ll!  Crystal will be seen next in the new NBC series "Animal Practise"....  Photo by Bob Gunderson....   HH(:

Stone Marker Stars twins Taylor & Tanner Vale join producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis at the premiere
Stone Marker Premiere: Taylor Vale, guest Tai Urban, Tanner Vale & Ray Diaz
Stone Marker lead Steve Parrish, guest Jenna Urban, stars Taylor Vale & Tanner Vale & guest Harrison Held 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... "Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life"... Eclectic Company Theatre... 7th Annual Global Trade Investment Seminar & Venture Funding Expo Kick Off Party... Florentine Gardens... & "The Laugh Pack" Returns to Theatre West... HH(:

Jovan Armand, Maria Amor & Tai Urban

Rupali Gaikwad & Jeffrey Henderson

Reginald Byron Jones - Sawyer Sr. & Andrew Lachman

Andrew Lachman, James Lewis Perdue Jackson ll & Guest

Aros Crystos & Guest

Great reading of Jon Courie's play "Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life" at the Eclectic Company Theatre  recently featuring the talents of Dana Amromin, Sarah Allyn Bauer, Ashleigh Boiros, Dean Farell Bruggeman & Elizabeth Southard.   The play revolves around a middle aged ill fated actress resourcefully scrimping & scraping to get by, her crazy deranged daughter who is  a former child sitcom star, a fresh naive Hollywood newbie who has a lot of luck thanks to her special workshops and "centered antenna",  and their well meaning neighbor who directs porn on the side.  Very well written by someone that definitely knows the ins and outs, highs and lows of the entertainment business.  All the characters have dreams of  "being a someone" and the comedy cleverly reveals the absurd lengths people will go to to become famous.  Visit www.eclecticcompanytheatre.org for more information....    HH(: 

Wendy Liebman
Bruce Fine
Dwayne Perkins
Brian Scolaro
Brian Kiley
Alison Koster

Back by Popular Demand...  The Laugh Pack returns to Theatre West Saturday July 21st to celebrate it's 3rd anniversary and will feature 2 for 1 tickets.  The Vegas style comedy show all-star line-up hosted by Bruce Fine includes Wendy Liebman, Dwayne Perkins, Brian Scolaro, Laurie Kilmartin, Brian Kiley, Eric Edwards, Roger Kabler and vocalist Alison Coster plus other surprises.  The special 2 for 1 ticket admission includes a buffet of appetizers from Chipolte & 2 beverages.  Tickets are $28 in advance and $32 at the door. Doors opens at 6:45pm with the show starting at 8pm.  For more information visit www.thelaughpack.com or call Theatre West at 323 851 7977.  Enjoy!  HH(:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... A.M.P.A.S. Kicks off The Last 70MM Film Festival with Stanley Kramer's Comedy Classic "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".... Australia's MYSTERY Rocks L.A..... Brian Connor's Terrific "Plays In The Park".... Tai Urban, Jovan Armand, Roxy Rich, Maria Amor & Tamara Henry at the L.A. Comedy Awards Nominations... Anna Madorsky's Concert 4 Charity.... "Life at the Resort" Debuts at Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles.... & More... HH(:

The Last 70MM Film Festival got off to a strong start at A.M.P.A.S. with a special screening of Stanley Kramer's comedy classic "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".  The full house was treated to a surprise appearance by Billy Crystal who MC'd & hosted the star studded Q&A before the screening.  On the panel was Stanley Kramer's widow Karen Sharpe Kramer with the film's stars Jonathan Winters, Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner, Marvin Kaplan, Barry Chase and Stan Freberg plus casting director Lynn Stallmaster and script supervisor Marshall Schlom.  The film also stars Spencer Tracy, Sid Caeser, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Edie Adams, Dorothy Provine, Jimmy Durante and many others.  "This is not an emsemble" quipped Billy, "This is a town!"  Thanks to the Kramer family & The Academy's Randy Haberkamp for their hospitality....Photo courtesy A.M.P.A.S    HH(:

Warm Birthday Wishes to Professor Abolghassem Ghaffari  who recently turned 105!  Professor Ghaffari is the proud father of Sunshine MagaZine favorite Vida Ghaffari.   Pictured with friends artist Kamran Khavarani & the Honorable Jimmy Delshad, former mayor of Beverly Hills.... Photo Courtesy V. Ghaffari

Plays In The Park's Ed Asner, Susan Ateh, Mark Rydell, Brian Connors & guest. Back row:  Dahlia Waingort & Esai Morales 

Ed Asner & Dahlia Waingort

Esai Morales & Kat Kramer

Ed Asner & Esai Morales

Writer/Director Brian Connors, Susan Ateh, Mark Rydell & publicist Phil Sokoloff

Kat Kramer, Ed Asner, Susan Ateh & Mark Rydell

Kat Kramer & the Santa Monica Playhouse's Sandra Zeitzew

Bothers at odds....  Ed Asner & Mark Rydell in "Oxymorons" photo by Brian Connors

I thoroughly enjoyed "Plays In The Park" written & directed by talented Brian Connors at the Santa Monica Playhouse.  The staged reading consists of 3 terrific short plays featuring an excellent cast... "Park Strangers" features Susan Ateh & Beege Barkett as polar opposite actresses on a TV commercial shoot, "Swans" features Dahlia Waingort & Esai Morales as a couple dealing with some heavy issues in their relationship and "Oxymorons" features veterans Ed Asner & Mark Rydell as 2 brothers dealing with each other & life as they know it.   Very entertaining stuff!  Lots of laughs & thought provoking material.  George Segal will be joining the cast at the next performance opposite Mark Rydell with Ed Asner leaving to work on a film.  This is a great nite out at the theatre...  for more information visit www.plays411.com/playsinthepark   Photo above of Dahlia Waingort & Esai Morales by Jeff Fasano     HH(:

Australia's MYSTERY Rocks L.A.
Australia's MYSTERY rocked L.A. at their recent performance at the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip www.mysteryrocks.net

Jovan Armand, Tamara Henry, Sheila Chalakee & Tai Urban

Max Worthington & Roxy Rich

Roxy Rich & Harrison Held....  Photo by Carlos E. Zeron

Erin Darling

Aros Crystos & Maria Amor

Jovan Armand, Tamara Henry, Sheila Chalakee & Tai Urban

Anna Madorsky at her benefit concert for Patch Adams M.D. & The Gesundheit! Institute at Busby's on Wilshire

Jenna Urban & Dale Zamora at the True Blood 5th season wrap party

"Sensual Impressionism" at Harvey's on Beverly...  (left to right) Guests, Blue, Shahram Sanai & Harvey Schwartz

Photographer Shahram Sanai & Amby Longhofer in front of some of his beautiful work

Amby Longhofer, Shahram Sanai & Katrina Hepler

Shahram Sanai & Guest

Life at the Resort's Sarah Pettycrew, Yetem Kefale Worku  back row: Jeff Sable, Marianne J. Murphy,  Marisa Petroro & C.D. Taylor

Sarah Pettycrew, Jeff Sable, Marianne J. Murphy & Yetem Kefale Worku

 Viet Wilcots & friend with Zander Villayne
Marisa Petroro
Zander Villayne & Guest
Ken Mader, Jeff Sable, Marisa Petroro & Marc Singer
C.D. Taylor, Marc Singer & Sarah Pettycrew
Life at the Resort's  Zander Villayne, Jeff Sable, David Higlen    back row: Sarah Pettygrew, Ken Mader, Yetem Kefale Worku, Marc Singer, Marisa Petroro, C.D. Taylor & Marranne J. Murphy

Viet Wilcots, Jeff Sable & Yetem Kefale Worku

Jeff Sable, Marisa Petroro & Marc Singer

Life at the Resort's Zander Villayne, Jeff Sable, David Higlen    back row: Sarah Pettycrew, Ken Mader, Yetem Kefale Worku, Marc Singer, Marisa Petroro, C.D. Taylor & Marianne J. Murphy

I really liked the spicy new indie film  "Life at the Resort" which screened recently at the Downtown Independent in part of the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles.  This enjoyable new comedy was produced by Creative Actors Alliance in Association with Z-Ville Productions.  It is co-directed by Zander Villayne and Jeff Sable and produced by Jeff Sable, Marianne J. Murphy, Sarah Pettycrew, Yetem Kefale Worku and Alia Rhiana.  For more info visit www.lifeattheresortmovie.com -  Enjoy, it's a lot of fun! HH(: