Friday, March 23, 2012

Kim Kardashian: But Can She Bake A Cake?

Last nite's "flour attack" on Kim Kardashian is just about the stupidest thing I've heard of in a long time. I'm not a major fan but I'm no hater either. The incident took place at the London Hotel in West Hollywood where Kim was promoting her new fragrance. The woman who threw the "flour bomb" was detained and then released. Apparently Kim doesn't want to press charges. I think that sends a message to crazy people out there that it is acceptable to assault others and is it not. If she were to press charges Kim and the Kardashian family would be called
bitches and a bunch of other nasty things and would get a lot of bad publicity. But like I said before it opens the door to other crazies to act out their anger in unacceptable ways... sad, very sad.... Have a Good & Peaceful Friday Friends... Flower Power not flour power... HH

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