Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunshine Magazine asks "Do Blondes Have More Fun.... ?"

Stacy Keibler...  By George things are going well for  this friendly, stunning, statuesque  actress, model  former WWE, WCW star - she's been on Dancing With The Stars & lots of other shows.

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood's top blondes and top earners...  from "Friends" to movie stardom this easy going, candid actress once called herself "a good problem solver"....  photo courtesy Extra  
Desiree Anderson...  This up & coming actress/host/model   has looks, talent, brains, personality & is great at improv but when it comes to acting she's a stickler for the written word and the script.

January Gessert sings & models...  She took the heat for Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush breaking up but insists they were just friends - this girl deserves a break!
Jen Lilley...  The rising General Hospital star also appears in The Artist and independent films and is coasting along  nicely...  She's likely to be Hollywood's next major Jen.

TV Host/Actress Tamara Henry...  She's here she's there she's everywhere - from Legally Blonde 2 to environmental issues to A-List Oscar Nite TV Host for the Beverly Hills Courier Night of 100 Stars broadcast with co-host Jeff Thisted.

Kristin Downey... actress & animal activist starred in "Germ of  a New Insanity" and is headed to the studio to record a hip-hop track called "My Girl Does E, But Not Me".  Cool  Kristen loves animals & volunteers at the Wildlife Weigh Station.  
Dragika Lovric...  From Europe with Love....  this Croation model singer lives in Switzerland...  & it looks like she's got it all figured out...  She's done a lot of beautiful print layouts for Swiss Airlines + - now she's ready to spread her wings & fly.

Marilyn Monroe ...  Hollywood's Ultimate Blonde was known to have a lot of fun but eventually her neuroses got the better of her...  seen here chatting  with Robert Wagner in the early 1950's prior to her big screen success in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" & many other memorable hits.

Jayne Mansfield....  seen here in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter" had  it all - looks, talent, fame &  family.  From Broadway to the big screen - Jayne had it all until a tragic accident took her life in 1967

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