Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SceneAroundTown.... Lady Gaga, Jaclyn Smith, Alec Smyth, Judy Tenuta, Kat Kramer, Sabrina Parisi, Chester Vincent, Jim Rasch, Alana Bernhoft, The Dutchess, Robert Burton & More.... Hope U R Having A Great Day... HH(:

Jaclyn Smith wraps an episode of CSI with director Alec Smyth...  Photo Courtesy Jaclyn Smith

Goddess of Comedy Judy Tenuta receives an  award from presenter Kat Kramer at the L.A. Comedy Awards - Interviews soon on LAEXTV
Sabrina Parisi & Cheston Vincent
Oscar Winner Jim Rasch ("The Descendants") & Alanna Bernhoft at the Groundlings...  Photo by Allan Bernhoft

The Dutchess arrives at the L.A. Comedy Awards on Sunset

Award Winning Impressionalist Robert Burton & Friends 

Lady Gaga Loves 2 Stretch...   Photo by S. Benion

Billy DaMota & Michael Valentino at the opening of TCD Studios in Hollywood

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