Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown.... Actress Devai Pearce Is On The Move...

Actress Devai Pearce

Beautiful  Devai Pearce is serious about her craft & ready to take the acting world by storm.  A Texas native, Devai is a graduate of The American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco and also holds a degree in journalism.  She has been active with two Los Angeles theater companies including The Berubians Theater Company & she explored her darker comedic side with the talented group of Zombie Joe's Underground Theater.   Her personality & style have compared her to the great Goldie Hawn & Drew Barrymore & one of the highest compliments she ever received was being told she had a Meryl Streep quality to her work. Whatever the comparisons, Devai has a spirit & look that is all her own.  Devai would love to appear on a soap -  she grew up watching "The Young & the Restless" & "The Bold & the Beautiful" with her mom & appearing on a soap "would be like giving the biggest 'Hello' I could to my mom every day!"  Devai is also a big fan of Taylor Schilling on the new Netflix hit "Orange is the New Black" & would love to follow in her footsteps.  Devai's training includes studying with coach to the stars Howard Fine known for his work with Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper,& Salma Hayek plus studying with Aaron Speiser whose famous clientele includes Will Smith & Jennifer Lopez.  Devai scored her first commercial in highschool for a sunglass company awakening her passion for acting in front of he camera.  Watch out for this talented, likable & versatile actress!  HH

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