Friday, October 4, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Mamie Van Doren Suite Dedication... Andreas Hotel... Palm Springs

Former Palm Springs Mayor Ron Odin was requested by Mamie Van Doren to officiate the event

Mamie Van Doren & Art LaBoe share some memories... They've known each other since the 1940's!

"Welcome to Suite 221..."  The luxurious Mamie Van Doren Suite at the Andreas Hotel in beautiful Palm Springs

The Mamie Van Doren Suite...  Luxurious & Comfortable

Guests enjoy stunning photos of Mamie Van Doren

The beautiful comfortable suite is decorated with photos from Mamie's personal collection including a signed letter from her friend Hugh Hefner

Enjoy this video of the Mamie Van Doren Suite Dedication, a Thomas Dixon Video

A very sweet suite dedication ceremony for the very sweet & beautiful Mamie Van Doren in Palm Springs at the Andreas Hotel... Not only is Mamie young at heart she looks decades younger than her 82 years.  How does she look so young & stay healthy?  Her husband Thomas Dixon jokes "be born to the right parents". Mamie is a vegetarian, stays active & has a very good perspective on life.  She's a genuine people person, sports fan & animal lover. The former Joan Olander was discovered as a teenager by Howard Hughes when she was crowned Miss Palm Spring & the rest is Hollywood History...  HH

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