Friday, October 18, 2013

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Elijah Wood's Horror Thriller "Toad Road"... An Extremely Cautionary Film

"Toad Road" Director Jason Banker & Executive Producer Elijah Wood....  Photo by Mollywood Hollywood

"Hi, I'm Elijah Wood"... Photo by Mollywood Hollywood

I attended the premiere tonite of  the new reality based drug culture film "Toad Road" directed by Jason Banker and executive produced by Elijah Wood at the Arena Theater in Hollywood followed by a fun after party at Sadie's across the street.  "Toad Road" is a well made look into the drug crazed lives of over the top young partiers in the New York area mixed in with a horror film narrative.   It contains many extremely gritty scenes in the reality portions & beautifully, creatively shot portions in the 'fantasy' parts.  The film tells the story of real life participants Sara Anne Jones & James Davidson who show great promise as actors & their wild out of control substance abusing circle of friends.  Without revealing any spoilers the film ultimately delivers a powerful message: get off drugs & stay sober.  Thanks Mollywood Hollywood for the  pics... HH  

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