Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SceneAroundTown... "A Picasso"... Promenade Playhouse... Santa Monica

"A Picasso" is a very good play which opened recently at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica.  Art & history lovers will definitely enjoy it.  The production features  two very skilled performers - Vincent Lappas is terrific as famed Spanish artist/ladies man Pablo Picasso as is feisty sexy Natalia Lazarus as his German interrogator Miss Fischer.  Ms. Lazarus does double duty directing very well also.  Spanish born Picasso is living in Paris when he is taken into custody by German authorities who consider his work deviant & degenerate.  Much of his work is confiscated including 3 pieces owned by Jewish residents. Miss Fischer is assigned the task of questioning the artist  to determine if they are real.  She tells him they are planning an exhibition but along the way he realizes they are actually planning to burn his work and being the egotistical artist he is he will do anything he can to save his work from being destroyed.  "A Picasso" is about 100 minutes long & is performed without an intermission.  As a bonus the beautiful program for the production includes 5 Picasso images of people who were an integral part of his life.  Tickets cost $20 and the play runs til mid February. For more information visit www.plays411.com/apicasso  - A very enjoyable play!  HH

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